Andrew Swift


Quite recently we had a meeting with one of our major suppliers, a well known multinational company. Whilst they were here I jokingly offered them the chance of a pension and personal finance review, courtesy of brb who were in the meeting room next door. Our visitors were astounded to learn that we were able to offer our staff such a personal service on a regular basis, they had never come across anything like this in their own company, nor heard of it in others they dealt with.

I think this example goes straight to what I believe sets brb apart. Personal financial planning is a concept often talked about, but all too often the service offered is anything but personal. In accepting that every client has different needs and a different outlook, and by being prepared to spend time with each client, regardless of the amount involved, brb have managed to achieve the very difficult task of offering sound modern financial advice whilst retaining a personal touch in their dealings with clients.

There is a strong mix of skills within the partnership and the team is exceptionally good at pooling information and ideas. In effect this means that any client is able to access a number of different layers of analysis and thought as required. Having worked together for over twenty five years in a rapidly changing investment environment, we continue to rely heavily on brb for advice on all our business and personal pension and investment needs.