BRB Wealth Management specialise in Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning is the organisation of your assets to achieve your financial and lifestyle objectives as efficiently as possible.

We specialise in dealing with the following types of clients –

  • Those retiring or in retirement
  • Those still working but in a financial position to plan for the future
  • The independently wealthy

The basic steps of our financial planning process are as follows –

  • Agreement of objectives
  • Production of your financial plan
  • Implementation of recommendations
  • Ongoing reviews

Our ongoing advice will cover all of the following that are relevant to your personal circumstances –

Overall Strategic Review

Update by your adviser on recommended changes to strategy

Cashflow Review

Examine income v expenditure (including long term projections if required)

Debt Review

Review your existing debts and any repayment strategy

Investment Review

Look back on last 12 month’s performance, review strategy and agree any changes

Retirement Planning Review

Review your retirement planning strategy

Risk Management Review

Review position in the event of death, incapacity or requiring long term care

Estate Planning Review

Review strategy and examine opportunities and threats created by legislative changes

Taxation Update

Review opportunities and threats created by changes to taxation law

Family Review

Discuss any financial issues affecting your family

Professional Update

Provide professional updates to your accountant and other advisers

Remove the Hassle Service

Sort through any paperwork that you have received