Advice for The Independently Wealthy

At BRB WM we offer a total wealth management service to a select group of clients. Our service for the independently wealthy addresses a broad range of issues that our clients have told us are important to them.

Capital Preservation

First amongst these is a conservative investment approach aimed at preserving your wealth rather than chasing large investment returns. The key to preserving capital is sensible, structured investing at low cost (because investment charges erode the value of your investment funds).

We consider all investments that will help you achieve your lifestyle goals including business assets, property assets, shares, pensions and any other investments you hold. By taking a broadly based view of your total wealth we can provide you with a clear understanding of where you are, what you need to be doing to achieve your goals and how best to keep it all on track.

Income to Support Your Lifestyle

The second major consideration is producing the right level of income to support your desired lifestyle. The right mix of investment assets is critical in order to ensure that you have the right balance between cash for your short term needs and investments for the medium to long term.

Generational Planning

An important part of your future planning will be how much you wish to pass on to your children and grandchildren. However, this discussion can only take place once you know how much you need to take care of yourself. We can then advise you on the best way to transfer your wealth to the next generations tax effectively and safely.

Taxation Planning

We don’t go in for aggressive tax schemes or ideas that will see you sailing too close to the wind but we will always do our best to mitigate your taxation liabilities ensuring you pay only the tax you are required to by law.

Sounding Board

For many clients we act as their sounding board; a place they can turn to for some common sense advice, specialist research or perhaps a second opinion regarding an article they have read in the newspaper.

Removing the Hassle

We will do everything we can to remove the hassle from managing your financial affairs. Our communication with you will always be as simple and straightforward as possible.