Financial Planning and Advice for those still working

At BRB WM we offer a total wealth management service to a select group of clients. Our service for those still working addresses a broad range of issues that our clients have told us are important to them.

Financial Independence – How Much is Enough?

One of the key concerns for many is identifying how much is enough to be truly financially independent. This doesn’t mean that when that number is reached you will give up and watch daytime TV but that work will be optional from that point. We find that intelligent successful types can only go so long before the next idea grabs them, regardless of their age. However, before you get there it is nice to know what the target is.

We consider all investments that will help you achieve your financial goals including business assets, property assets, shares, pensions and any other investments you hold. We will provide advice regarding the management and repayment of debt. By taking a broadly based view of your total wealth we can provide you with a clearer understanding of where you are, where you need to be and how best to get there.

We work closely with clients on how best to live life now. Your personal financial planning shouldn’t be asking you to starve on the way to the feast by saving everything for the future. Smarter financial strategies can cut your investment costs, save tax and improve investment performance in ways that allow you to have a little bit of your cake and eat it too. By firstly taking time to really understand what you want out of life we can design a strategy for the future that lets you enjoy the journey as well.

Family Issues

These issues may include funding the children’s education or protecting yourself against the unexpected, e.g. death or incapacity. A sensible approach to protection can’t remove the risks entirely but it can provide greater financial security and peace of mind.

Taxation Planning

We don’t go in for aggressive tax schemes or ideas that will see you sailing too close to the wind but we will always do our best to mitigate your taxation liabilities ensuring you pay only the tax you are required to by law. If you feel the government are doing such a good job that you’d like to send them a little extra you can; it’s up to you.

Organisation and Removing the Hassle

The key starting point is ensuring you are well organised financially. To be honest, most people are far from organised when we first meet them and the initial part of our process will spend time clarifying what you have, what you no longer need and what you are missing if you want to achieve your goals.

Although we can’t sign paperwork on your behalf we can do just about everything else to remove the hassle from managing your financial affairs. We can also provide as much or as little information as you need to make informed investment decisions. Our communication with you will always be as simple and straightforward as we can make it and we promise to never take up any more of your time than absolutely necessary.