Protect Your Income

The Daily Mail quoted a survey showing that 2 in 5 families could not survive more than 8 weeks without their main household income. Only 5% of employees have insurance that will pay out if they are off work through illness – but one in five workers will be off work for at least three months before they reach retirement.

The Mail surveyed the costs of protection, citing Family Income Benefit as a cheap form of life cover (£10,000 a year for 25 years at age 35 for under £10 per month) and Income Protection insurance to provide a long-term replacement income if you are off sick (at age 35, £1,500 per month to age 60 after 6 months off work costs under £25 per month).

For healthy young people, protection is cheap and can make all the difference to the family’s well-being if disaster strikes. But do get proper quotes from us – online searches can miss vital points from the small print.