May / June 2012 Newsletter

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Taking money 2012 May-Jun cover

Pension legislation is always on the move and keeping up to date with the latest changes could open up new opportunities for you in retirement. In April 2011, some of the most significant changes in pension legislation for five years were announced. On page 5 we discuss the main areas to consider when planning for the future so you can achieve your retirement needs more successfully.

Picking the right balance of assets for your portfolio depends upon your own risk profile. One way to protect your portfolio is to spread your risk by diversifying across several different types of investment funds and classes of securities and localities in order to distribute and control risk. Read the full article on page 7.

In a low gilt yield environment, having flexibility within a pension arrangement can make a big difference. On page 9 we look at options that include either delaying taking pension benefits until the situation improves, or phasing money into drawdown, to benefit from any potential upturn.

A full list of all the articles featured in this issue appears on page 3.

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