March / April 2013 Newsletter

Taking money 2013 Mar-Apr cover

Please see attached our latest personal finance publication designed to help you make more of your money. In times like these, every penny counts. Interest rates are at historic lows and rising inflation can erode our buying power. One way to mitigate these effects is to shield savings from tax by investing through an Individual Savings Account (ISA). On page 10 we look at why this flexible ‘wrapper’, under which a wide range of investments can be made free of capital gains or income tax, is an option worth considering.

When you approach retirement age, you will have to decide what to do with the personal pension fund you have built up. If applicable to you, on page 02 we consider one option – buying an annuity. It’s important to find an annuity that suits you and one that provides the best deal. After your property, an annuity is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make.

As your wealth grows, it is inevitable that your estate becomes more complex. With an increasing number of people now expected to reach age 75 each year, more and more people could be faced with a 55 per cent tax charge on any money left in their pension fund when they die. Turn to page 12 to read the full article.

A full list of all the articles featured in this issue appears on page 03.

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