Our Investments are planned to help achieve your financial goals.

We believe that investments should be made in the context of an overall plan in order to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

‘The investor’s chief problem – and even his worst enemy – is likely to be himself’ Ben Graham, legendary investor, ‘The Intelligent Investor’

‘What you need is the temperament to control the urges that get other people into trouble in investing’, Warren Buffet

Our Investment Process is designed to avoid many of the behavioural mistakes commonly made by investors. Human nature means that we are inclined to invest based on greed and fear and this has been proven to destroy long term investor returns. Common mistakes include attempting to time your way into and out of the market, being taken in by the latest ‘hot investment’ and basing your investment strategy on spurious forecasts from so called experts.

By adopting a structured, robust process and staying the course through difficult times, we can protect you from these behavioural biases.

Diversification is the key.

We invest across a wide range of assets in order to spread and reduce risk.

We don’t make forecasts or predictions.

Our investment process is based on proven research rather than forecasts or predictions. We invest in tried and tested assets that can be proven to add value over the long term. We avoid speculation.

No market timing.

Some advisers try to generate additional returns by buying and selling different types of assets in order to ‘time the market’. We believe that it is impossible to predict the best performing type of asset in advance. We provide you with a sensible, long-term strategy that does not rely on predicting the future.

We don’t try to predict the ‘winning’ investment fund managers.

The majority of active investment managers under-perform. We avoid active managers where possible and select managers that can deliver market returns at low cost.

Concentrate on what matters most.

The main driver of long-term returns is the split that you adopt between different types of shares, bonds and property. Attempts to time the market or to predict the winning managers are unlikely to routinely add value to your investments.

Regular reviews

Ongoing advice will be provided during regular review meetings. We will ensure that you maintain discipline and stay with your adopted strategy during adverse market conditions. This is the only way to have a successful investment experience.